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"I'm paid to be here. What's your excuse?"

                             Blah - Blah - Blah





               Get your stinkin' PAAS off me...

            Irish you would get out of my store.


                       From our store to yours,

              Halloween Comicfest 2012 Sketch


This is what the world gets when you sit a comic creator across from a display for The Walking Dead for 7 hours straight.

*Brains are a good source of protein and Vitamin B.

Sunday comics just got interesting.

SMP Video Store will have a new comic up every Sunday. So join us, as we kick the fat cat in the fur balls. Be there, when we shove the beagle where the monkey hid the Peanuts! It's time we showed that family a real circus. Do we really have to come up with more witty takes on comic titles? Check out a new SMP Video Store comic every Sunday; and come back on Tuesdays for the somewhat exciting continuation of Cavalcade of Terrifying Events!


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               "Good customer service is an option."

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